Building Communities

Safe and reliable water is essential to everything that makes our communities livable, from parks to schools to fire protection to sustainable housing.

Housing Needs

Without reliable water, communities cannot provide the additional housing needed to address California’s dire housing shortage. Experts note that while the state has added more than 2 million jobs since 2011, new housing has fallen far behind the pace of the rising population and booming economy.

Keeping up with Demand

According to state officials, over the past decade new home construction in California has fallen significantly behind the state’s needs. While California needs 180,000 new homes each year, only 80,000 new homes per year are being built. And to keep up with growth projections, California will need about 1.8 million new homes by 2025. That’s more than 225,000 per year.

Simply put, water is the lifeblood of growing communities and a strong California. Communities grow where water flows.