Water Sustains Every Corner of California’s Economy

Water infrastructure is essential to public safety, our economy and our communities.

Ensuring Public Health & Safety

Every dollar invested in water infrastructure is a dollar invested in our state’s safety, our economy, our children’s future and our public health.

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Creating Jobs

Investing in water infrastructure provides the long-term foundation needed to maintain and grow jobs and the economy by ensuring clean and reliable water supplies.

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Building Communities

Community grows where water flows. Safe and reliable water is essential to everything that makes our communities livable, from parks to schools to fire protection to sustainable housing.

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Maintaining Food Security

Water is the backbone of our state’s world-renowned agricultural system and allows growers to provide Californians with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables like nowhere else in the world.

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Protecting the Environment

It takes 21st century water infrastructure to simultaneously protect our ecosystem and maintain a reliable water supply for cities, farms and businesses.

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