Ensuring Public Health & Safety

Every dollar invested in water infrastructure is an investment in our state’s safety, our economy, our public health, and our children’s future.

California’s Aging System

From pipelines to reservoirs to treatment plants, California relies on a sophisticated network of water infrastructure to keep a safe, clean water supply reliably flowing to homes and businesses. This remarkable system has served us well. However, many key facilities were built more than 50 years ago and are nearing the end of their useful lives. California must make investments to protect and upgrade our vital infrastructure to keep pace with a growing population and rapidly changing needs.

Infrastructure Needs

Recent events, including the dramatic 2016 spillway erosion at Oroville Dam, are a stark reminder that water infrastructure is essential to public safety, our economy, and local communities. Modernizing our water infrastructure is critically urgent – from reservoir spillways to levees to groundwater recharge facilities to water storage facilities.