Protecting the Environment

Smart, targeted 21st century investments will help us achieve the coequal goals of healthy ecosystems and reliable water supplies.

Infrastructure Investment

California is committed to protecting our unique ecosystems, and the fish, wildlife, and plants that rely upon them, while maintaining a reliable water supply for cities, farms and businesses.

In recent years, water managers have worked to decrease conflicts in water needs between people and the environment by installing state-of-the-art fish screens and temperature control devices, removing dams that block fish passage, and restoring hundreds of miles of feeding and spawning habitat.

Protect our Ecosystem

To continue protecting California’s unique ecosystems though, 21st century water infrastructure investments are needed. We must modernize our levees, reservoirs, and other facilities. Upgrading and enhancing our water infrastructure is the only way we can protect ecosystems and species, while also providing a reliable water supply to Californians.