Total Regional Economic Losses From Water Supply Disruptions To The Los Angeles County Economy – November 2012

This study estimates the total regional economic impacts of one major set of disruption scenarios stemming from a Bay Delta earthquake that would cause the closure of the California Aqueduct (State Water Project) for 6, 24, or 36 months.

The results can be generalized to any event that would reduce fresh water imports through any of the three major aqueducts serving Los Angeles County, including a regulatory decree stipulating a sizeable reduction in its allocation of Colorado River water

Water Works: The Economic Impact Of Water Infrastructure – July 2012

Water Works: The Economic Impact of Water Infrastructure” explores how improved drinking water infrastructure and household technologies can help increase economic production.

In developing countries, households without water infrastructure spend billions of hours collecting water for domestic use every year, which diverts time from potentially income generating activities, such as formal work, agricultural labor, and small businesses.

While the paper analyzes the impacts of a large-scale water infrastructure project in rural Kyrgyzstan, its findings have practical applications for many locations.

The Importance Of Water To The U.S. Economy – November 2013

The Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy” is aimed at raising awareness of water’s importance to our national economic welfare, and assembling information that is critical to sustainably managing the nation’s water resources.

This report highlights the U.S. EPA’s review of the literature and practice on the importance of water to the U.S. economy, identifies key data gaps, and describes the implications of the study’s findings for future research.

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure

In March 2017, the Value of Water Campaign released its report on the economic benefits of investing in water infrastructure finds that if we close the investment gap for water infrastructure, there is a ripple effect of sustained job creation, GDP growth, and more.

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Value of Water: National Public Opinion Poll – May 2017

In May 2017, the Value of Water Campaign released key findings from its national public opinion poll indicating broad support among Americans for increased investment in water infrastructure.

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California’s Water: Paying for Water

In October 2016, the Public Policy Institute of California released “California’s Water: Paying for Water.”

According to the report, local water agencies contribute 84% of the California’s spending on water, while the state contributes just 13% and the federal government 3%.

This publication is part of a briefing kit that summarizes a dozen of the state’s most pressing water management issues.

Infrastructure Funding Resources

The California Financing Coordinating Committee (CFCC) combines the resources of five State and two Federal funding agencies to provide a one-stop shop for available grants, loans and bond financing for infrastructure projects.

Since 1998, the CFCC has conducted free funding fairs statewide each year to educate the public and offer potential customers the opportunity to meet with financial representatives from each agency and learn more about their currently available funding programs.

For more information, please visit the California Financing Coordinating Committee’s website.