21st Century Water Infrastructure

As California strives to find the most effective strategies for achieving the coequal goals of improving ecosystem health and water supply reliability, local water agencies are putting innovative concepts on the table that could help improve the resiliency of our system.

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A massive storm flooded Houston. Experts say California’s state capital could be next.

The population of California’s mid- and upper Central Valley is projected to increase by 70 percent over the next 50 years. Some experts fear preparing the city for even a 200-year storm will prove insufficient.

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California Voters’ View on Water Storage

A public opinion poll, conducted this spring, found healthy support among likely California voters for shoring up the state’s water storage system.

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Flood experts say California levees need much more money

California needs to spend another $100 million a year to keep the state’s levee system sound, according to state flood control experts.

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The Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy

This report highlights the U.S. EPA’s review of the literature and practice on the importance of water to the U.S. economy, identifies key data gaps, and describes the implications of the study’s findings for future research.

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Water Sustains Every Corner of California’s Economy

Water infrastructure is essential to public safety, our economy and our communities.

Ensuring Public Health & Safety

Investments in water infrastructure protect our state’s safety and public health.

Creating Jobs

Our economy and tens of thousands of jobs depend on reliable water supplies.

Community Building

Safe and reliable water is the lifeblood of growing communities.

Food Security

Strong water infrastructure is vital to food security for California and the nation.

Protecting the Environment

21st century investments protect ecosystems and ensure reliable water supplies.


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Bids for dam removal out to contractors

The Klamath River Renewal Corp. last week put out its request for proposals for removal of the four hydro-electric dams on the Klamath River: Iron…

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San Rafael Airport to maintain levees after land swap

Marin County is entering into a land swap with San Rafael Airport with the objective of relieving itself of responsibility for maintenance of levees surrounding…

It’s time to talk factually about the future water supply for California. The state’s plan to modernize existing infrastructure, coupled with existing groundwater management and more recycling and conservation, is that future. It’s time to move forward. John Laird,
California Secretary for Natural Resources


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Renewing the water workforce: Improving water infrastructure and creating a pipeline to opportunity

by Bookings

At a time when many Americans are struggling to access economic opportunity and many of the country’s infrastructure assets are at the end of their…

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Oroville Independent Forensic Team Report Oroville Dam Spillway Incident

by Oroville Spillways Independent Forensic Team

On Jan. 5, 2018 the Oroville Spillways Independent Forensic Team (IFT) released its final report on the causes leading to the February 2017 Lake Oroville Spillways…


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